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What is messaging automation


Each company that manufactures goods or provides services tries not to lose touch with customers, buyers, and partners, regularly informing them about discounts and promotions, making a nice bonus in honor of their birthday, etc. This contact occurs by exchanging messages in the SMS format. If e-mails can be regarded as spam, then the SMS sent to the phone will definitely be under attention, which means that the goal will be achieved. We suggest visiting the portal https://www.intistele.com/asmsp, where ordering messaging automation will not only be possible, but also necessary.

Self-sending messages to the number of each client in the database is a real killer, therefore many in business use mass mailing of messages for clients and potential target audience, which has a number of advantages:

Efficiency. You do not have to wait long for the message to reach the addressee, because automated work is fast, which means that the message will be delivered soon;

Scale. If you can manually send about 20 messages per hour, then using an automated system, about 1000 SMS is sent in a few minutes. You can also quickly conduct a dialogue with several clients at the same time;

Availability. You do not have to activate a special tariff for sending messages to your phone number, because the automated system implies economical mailing even without connection. What you can see for yourself by going to the site where the prices for the service are presented.

What is the popularity of messaging automation, how convenient it will be for a large corporation, as well as how much it will cost to use it, and many other answers to questions you can find out by visiting the official website intistele.com.

From the above, we can conclude that if you have your own business, and you try to be always in touch with your customers and partners, using the SMS format for exchanging information, then welcome to the site, the link to which was provided earlier. Thanks to the automated system, the communication process will be facilitated several times and will become more effective.


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